Rigwell is inspired by the spirit of exploration and a vision to breakout of the norm. The van is our tool and the catalyst for adventure.

The Origin

Rigwell's founder had a background in design, a passion for mountain biking, surfing, and a love of the outdoors. The vision of traveling the western US and Canada in a van started as a far fetched dream. Leaving the corporate world behind gave way to the first van build and the start of a life changing journey. The momentum and excitement grew with every wave surfed and every trail rode. That trip was the birth of Rigwell and a way we can help others experience a journey of their own.  

Rigwell now has two main functions. We design, engineer, and build kickass vans and aftermarket parts.


At Rigwell we have a passion for product development. Every one of our products aims to make the experience of vanlife better. Our products sit at the intersection of design, functionality, and price. 


We focus on building high end vans that will last the test of time. Our vans are built for people who have an active lifesytle and want a van to help them get out and do more of the things they love.

Our Promise

As Rigwell continues to expand operations and production, we promise to hold true to our original mission of making the highest quality products for your van build. We want to help more people experience the magic of overland travel through vanlife.

Every one of our products is tested in the Rockies of Colorado. From summer to winter, our products get tested in all climates. 

We’re proud produce our products in the USA. We’re ok with slightly higher prices if it means better quality and creating jobs where we live. 

More than just a saying. We build products that are meant to be used. They are tested and ready for your next big adventure. 

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