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Stash Cab - 48
The Stash Cab 48-Inch Slider cabinet is finally here. Its main structure is built from ultralightweight and durable aluminum that is laser cut, CNC formed, and powder coated for precision. We use bamboo panels to complement and complete the modern yet rugged aesthetic. Aluminum is much thinner than traditional cabinet construction, which allows us to maximize the space inside the cabinet. We chose slider doors instead of conventional flip-up doors to reduce the complexity of the cabinet, making it cheaper to manufacture and having fewer components to break. In a tight space like a van, we also find it much easier to use a slider door than to open a traditional flip-up door. One of the best features is combining the Stash Cab 48-Inch Slider with any other Stash Cab to create your perfect van storage solution. 

- Versatile design, connect any Stash Cab to another to make your perfect layout


- Made in the USA


- Lightweight 5052 aluminum. 28.6 LBS


- Modular mounting, multiple holes 


- Adventure Wagon compatible


- DIY friendly, super easy to build


- Free shipping in lower 48


- Eco-friendly bamboo


- Slider doors for easy access



2007+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144" High Roof Vans


We do our best to keep the website up to date with current lead times. For the most accurate lead times, don't hesitate to contact


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Stash Cab - 48

Step One


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Stash Cab - Tall Side Panels

Step Two

DIY WallsFactory Headliner


The new Stash Cab Series of upper cabinets brings a whole new meaning to modular. The Stash Cab system is designed to allow you to select exactly how much storage space you need and what type of storage you need. Need storage for clothing and bedding? Check out our open-style bungee cabinets. Want your items out of sight and out of mind? Use the 48-Inch Slider cab. Mix and match all the options to dial your setup in.


All of the Stash Cabs use an aluminum laser-cut and CNC-formed base structure to create an incredibly light and strong cabinet.


Everyone's storage needs are different. Our goal is to give you the flexibility to create your perfect cabinet layout.


We personally love the sleek combination of bamboo’s warm, rich tones combined with the aluminum frame’s rugged, modern feel.


Everyone knows our vans take a ton of abuse trekking down those back roads. That's why we designed the Stash Cabs with NO glue or wood screws to rattle loose.


We designed the Stash Cab Series of cabinets to be packaged and shipped as well as easy to assemble quickly.


We're proud to display the “Made in USA” badge on all of our products. We believe in creating and sustaining jobs where we live.




Each option in the Stash Cab Series of upper cabinets is designed to work with the Adventure Wagon kit. Simply select the number of brackets you need from the drop-down menu above. Our 24-inch cabinets use two brackets, and our 48-inch cabinets use three brackets.

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Stash Cab - Ad Wag Brackets



Each option in the Stash Cab Series can be linked with any other option. All you need to do is measure your wall space and design the perfect combination of cabinets and shelves to create your ideal storage solution.


If you're like us, we're always looking for more flat space to sit things in our van. The Stash Shelf is the perfect spot to fit a small Bluetooth speaker, cell phone, beer, or even a "house plant"! Each Stash Cab can expect two Stash Shelves. 

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Stash Shelf


Stash Cabs come with the ability to be mounted in three locations. There are two sets of holes and slots for wall mounting and one set of holes and slots for ceiling mounting. We like to use L-Track to mount to, but it is not necessary. Rivnuts or Plusnuts are also a great options for mounting. Reach out to if you have any questions!


Want to keep your factory Mercedes headliner? No problem. Just select the Factory Headliner in Step Two above. With this option, you will not use the wall/ceiling mounting bracket, as seen in the photo on the left. You'll want to mount the cabinet with the ceiling and lower wall holes. 

Stash Cabs DO NOT come with hardware to mount to the wall. There are many ways to mount Stash Cabs that it would be difficult for us to provide hardware for all mounting options.

Reach out to or call us at 888-850-0844

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thor Pruckl
2nd cabinet order (Canada)

I recently ordered and received 2 more cabinets 24 inch slimline and another 48 inch Stash.

Both arrived inside a week well packaged and complete in western Canada. Installation went as previously quickly and with good fit. Highly recommend the service and the company!

Bryan Kehoe
24” Stash Cab

I recently received my stash cab for my sprinter build. I am very pleased with all aspects of purchase and quality. My stash cab arrived on time and packed extremely well. I will be ordering additional Rigwell components for my build. Great job Cory!


Nice cabinets

Gotten here in time & too quality

Jesse Peterson
Lightweight, beautifuly designed upper cabinets

I highly recommend Rigwell's Stash Cab cabinets. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they are a breeze to assemble and (in my opinion) nothing else on the market compares to them aesthetically. The cabinet's sleek lines, clean finish and high-quality materials (bamboo combined with black, powder coated lightweight aluminum) give it a luxurious and modern feel, elevating the overall ambiance of your vans living/working space. It is evident that Cory and his team prioritized both form and function during the design process, creating a unique 'must have' accessory for DIY'ers which also serves as an instant eye-catcher.

Slim Open Cabinets

Really good quality. Great hardware. Gives your rig a tough, refined look. Pretty self explanatory assembly-

Thanks James. Really glad dig them!


What vans do the Stash Cabs work with?

Currently the Stash Cabs are designed for 2017+ 144", 170", or 170 EXT Sprinter vans. We will be quickly adapting the whole collection to Transits as well.

How do they connect?

Each cabinet can be bolt to the next cabinet using provided hardware. When going from a normal cabinet to a slim cabinet it does require a small hole to be drilled.


We believe American manufacturing creates jobs, reduces our carbon footprint, supports fair and safe working conditions, and creates the highest-quality products.


No one likes to pay for shipping! That's why all our products ship free to your door. We know how excited you are to start your build, and we hustle to get your products out the door fast.

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