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Nomad Mattress

The Nomad Mattress is designed to work flawlessly with the Nomad Murphy Bed System and each of its modes. You don't have to sacrifice a good night's sleep while on the road anymore. Our Nomad Mattress combines 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam with 3 inches of contouring foam base, making it ideal for side and back sleepers. 

- Cooling gel memory foam

- Plush organic zippered cover

- 2 versions available. Flarespace Flares or No Flares

- CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam

- Made in USA

- Lead Time: 2-6 weeks

- Approximately Queen Size 60"X78"

Mattress with Flares +$799Mattress without Flares +$799

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All mattress are made to order and ship directly from our manufacturer. For this reason we do not except returns, cancellations, modifications, or refunds. Please contact us at for the most up-to-date information on current inventory levels and lead times. 



In Stow Mode, the bed panels stow out of the way so you can store your bikes, motorcycles, skis, and climbing gear inside or use your van as a daily cargo hauler. The two large hinged center sections of the Nomad Mattress stow upright behind the bed panels. This keeps them out of the way so you can take full advantage of your precious cargo space. The two smaller cushions are stored on top of the driver-side lower cabinet box. Both sets of cushions have buckles to keep them in place while in transit. 


When you need more counter space, flip down the murphy bed panels. This gives you full access to the desk without moving the Nomad Mattress at all! The two large hinged center sections of the Nomad Mattress will stay upright, just like Stow Mode. 


Once you fold the bed down, you'll have 78 inches side to side in the van's rear and 75 inches in the front (due to the taper of flares/pods). There's plenty of room for two adults and maybe even a furry friend at 60 inches wide, making it just shy of a queen. 



How do you make your Nomad Murphy Bed even easier to set up to go to sleep? Well, of course, with our custom premium fitted sheets. These sheets allow you to make and put away your bed super quickly. The key is the fitted sheets are cut to the exact shape of each piece of the Nomad Mattress. All three sheets stay on their respective mattress piece, so there is no messing around taking them on or off. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bradley Conner (Las Vegas, US)
I bought this, You should too!

Rigwell builds the best quality parts for your customer sprinter build. I got this bundle plus more in my van and love every bit of it as does everyone I’ve showed it to. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The build quality cannot be beat. They think of everything to make it fit, reduce rattle and increase it’s functionality. Cory and his crew are the absolute best and I can’t wait to get more stuff from them!

Thanks Bradley. I think you might have my favorite van we ever built! That blue is so sweet. Happy travels man.

Scott Filipak (Westminster, US)
Nomad Bed System Is Awesome!

We have used many different box/bed systems, and the Nomad is by far the best! It has tons of space for our electrical and water system.. The sliding doors makes it easy to access and monitor our systems with ease. The light weight aluminum is heavy duty enough, but not flimsy and rattly as you drive down the road. And overall it's rather easy to put together.

One of our favorite parts is the modular desk setup! As we all know a van has a very small footprint and having a bed that seconds as an office is pretty Rad.

Thanks Rigwell for bringing quality American made parts to the market!

Scott - Owner of Earth Ship Vans

You're the man Scott! We appreciate the continued support. Check out Earth Ship Vans if you're in the market for a super nice custom van build!

Neil Durante (Cheyenne, US)
NOMAD is Quality built, lightweight and visually appealing

First time DIYer, with a 2022 Sprinter 144. I have been planning this project for sometime, and had been looking at several solutions for cabinetry. I had been back and forth from making my own with the 80/20 route and custom made ones too. I was having a hard time finding something that really sparked my interest. Everything I had seen was less than optimal, and I just could not get into the unfinished look of the 80/20 stuff. One of my other concerns was making sure it was light weight as well. Designs I had seen were pretty basic and bland. I came across an ad for the stash cabinet on IG, and instantly had my intreats peaked. After checking out Rigwell’s website, I also came across the Nomad bed system. I had plans on other products for this, but definitely loved the idea that the Nomad bed system would match the cabinets. I was fortunate enough to live close by the shop and decided to stop by. After emailing Corey, I was really excited after our conversation. Corey said he had all the products I was looking at in his shop, in various stages of production and even had some installed on customers rides. When I showed up I was greeted by the whole shop including Ollie. After checking everything out, the products far exceeded my expectations, it really solidified my purchase. It was all top quality built in the USA! I loved the fit and finish and SUPER light! The Nomad system is amazing! Its well thought out, intuitive, and I love how multifunctional it is. Corey and his crew have have been amazing from a customer service stand point as well. He spent a lot of time answering questions, helping out, giving advise and experience. Ive put everything together in my garage and it assembled fast and easy. Just waiting on finishing up a few other things before the final install.

Thanks for the review Neil. I hope your van build is done and you're out enjoying it!

Ray-H (Indio, US)
Best-Universal Sprinter Bed System Around! (Drop the Mic)

Having built out two Vans on my own and sold with profit, today I have a 2019 4x4 2500 Crew that I purchased new. After years of attending the AdventureVan Expos, and seeing all the different types of bed systems, I finally came upon Rigwell through their online post explaining their innovative Nomad Murphy Bed System. I was going to build my own bed system or use the commonly sold "Moab" or other built-in bed systems from lightweight steel metal, bamboo, or plywood. Most display the bed in place, but what about when you need to disassemble the bed panels and bedding, where do you store it??? They never show that part and that was my main concern because I need to be on the go-fast, mobile, and hate the tasks of taking van components apart and storing and strapping things down in my Van. My use-case is that I needed a bed system for my Sprinter so it was durable and easily removed in case I need to use my Van for cargo, too. But I needed a bed system, if installed, that could be retracted/disassembled easily with fewer loose parts to stow away when on the go, on a camping trip, or as my mobile office or hauling oversized stuff. The Nomad Murphy Bed is actually a utilitarian's dream, modular/convertible as a retractable Bed "one-piece" assembly, Mobile WorkDesk, and clever large storage, all-in-one! The bamboo end panels allow the owner to permanently attach, or in my case, I'm going to make door latches to access my storage from the rear doors while standing outside of my van. You can add water well fittings, electrical, etc. on the bamboo. The lightweight aluminum powder-coated (great high-quality powder coating) metal frame is durable, seriously, because I accidentally forgot to re-attach the frame to my side wall and turned the corner with my van in motion (25mph) and one of the bed base frames fell over and it didn't even scratch, dent or bent the frame! Rigwell's attention to detail, ergonomics, and mechanical engineering of the bed frame appear to have re-inforcement and maximum use of aluminum materials and space well engineered. I'm a tech-educated geek and worked in the Aerospace industry, so I really appreciate this. I'm planning to attach my bed base with L-Tracks so that I can remove my Nomad Murphy Bed System easily when I need the extra cargo room for errands to Home Depot or haul things with my Van. My van is not a one-trick pony, I need it to Live, Work, Sleep, Play, and Cargo. This Nomad Bed system is Solid, I don't even hear any squeaky noise that you normally get with other bed systems made of plywood or thin steel. I don't have the Flarespace or Capsules, so the Nomad Bed Feature to remove the base lip was brilliant! Seeing how durable and clever the Rigwell bed design was, I matched it with 2 Sets of Stash Cabs and a Slide Cabinet, and Shelf extensions. Now, I'm bugging them to invent and design a multipurpose seat and storage box for my Dometic fridge cooler to place by my sliding door where most people have a galley cabinet, with small step storage space for dirty shoes, etc. Overall, the design and quality were worth the wait to find Rigwell, and my best investment in building out my van. I'm not completely finished with my build-out, however, people are impressed to see the Rigwell products, has a "wow" effect...makes my van look expensive if I decide to sell this one, it's another profit and my next van will be upfitted with Rigwell, again. I rarely write reviews, and if I do, it's only on products and people I believe in and who impress me. Rigwell solved my pain points with my van build and use, the quality made buying their products more of an investment decision for me, and these made me happy.

Thank you so much for your support and trust in our products Ray. Can't wait to see your van all finished.


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