Born from the dark arts of Rigwell R&D Lab and here to disrupt the van ladder game forever.

 The Voodoo Interior Ladder is the first ladder that sits on the INSIDE of your van.Sometimes you have to think inside the box


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Revel Voodoo Interior Ladder

The Voodoo Interior Ladder was born out of the mysterious witchcraft of the Rigwell R&D lab. It’s here to blow minds and change the van ladder game forever. The Voodoo Interior Ladder is the first ladder that sits on the INSIDE of your van. Why would you want the ladder to be inside the van? There are many reasons, but security is probably the number one reason. I don't know about you, but I don't want just anybody able to climb up the side of my van. Secondly, the Voodoo makes no wind noise and cannot catch trees on those tight trails. We've designed the ladder to be easy to climb and multifunctional. Patent Pending. 

- First interior ladder 
Built from aluminum
- Security. Keep people off your roof
Weighs only 14 lbs
Works with Nomad Murphy Bed
Uses existing holes
Easy to climb
Tree brand catch free
No wind noise
Better fuel economy
Multifunctional holes and molle compatible
Made in the USA

(will have small scratches or flaws. No Returns)


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Whether you're storing your star link or gear on top of your van you don't want just anybody able to access your roof. With the Voodoo, you don't have to worry about it. Once you lock your doors at night it's game over for those nightcrawlers.

No Wind Noise

The more stuff you add to the outside of your van the more noise and wind is going to make. This one's just plain simple.

(TBF) Tree Branch Free

We love getting deep into the backcountry to find the perfect campsite. unfortunately, many of those trails are pretty tight for bigger vans. Side ladders are known to collect tree branches in between the latter and the body of your van. This can cause damage to the van and the ladder.

Fuel Economy

Everything that is added to the outside of your van creates more wind drag and will impact you fuel economy.


We designed the ladder with multiple hole patterns including holes for ¼-20 bolts and standard Molly webbing cutouts. We've only started to scratch the surface of how you can use the ladder besides climbing up it.

Super Stealthy

Side ladders are a dead giveaway that your band is a campervan and you could be sleeping inside of it. The voodoo ladder will help you park anywhere you want.






What makes the Voodoo ladder easier to climb than side ladders? Side ladders tend to curve with the body of the van. If you look down the side of a van you can see the first half of the ladder is actually over vertical, which makes it difficult to climb. The Voodoo Interior Ladder is at 90 degrees from the bottom to the top. Getting onto the roof from the last rung is much easier if a roof rack is installed.



We knew when designing the Voodoo Interior Ladder that it had to still work with our mountain bikes. We also didn’t want it to affect getting to our water inlet, spray ports, or showers. The ladder is only two inches wide tucks perfectly behind the Nomad Bed. There is still a 6 inch gap between the back of the ladder and the lower cabinets of the Nomad Bed.


We havnt even begun to scratch the surface of all the uses for the Voodoo Interior Ladder. But, we’ve built in ¼-20 and standard molle webbing holes so you can mount/hang/strap anything you want to it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rizaldy Reantaso (Valencia, US)
Fast shipping

Great CS and fast shipping

Brian H. (Valley Center, US)
Awesome product!

Awesome ladder! My rig is not a revel and I have tried to keep most of the trim pieces original. I was able to get this ladder in with a minor bit of trimming around the door latch up top. Super sturdy ladder and no issues for the wife getting up to the roof rack!

Bradley Conner (Fort Collins, US)
Love this ladder

This ladder is awesome! I love that it’s inside the van, it works great to get to the roof, but it allow me to decide who gets to the roof and it’s really sturdy. It’s a perfect product!

Thanks for the review Bradley. Stoked you see the same advantages we do in the ladder. Cheers

Eric C. (Wylie, US)
Just what I needed

This ladder was exactly what I needed for my Revel after snagging my side mounted one on a trip. This van is my semi-daily driver and not having an exterior ladder makes the van easier to park in tight lots. The install was smooth and relatively quick as I had most of the tools needed already in the van. I did have to go get the Riv-Nut tool from the garage :D The fit was perfect, holes lined up where they were supposed to be and everything bolted right up. The Install video for the Revel was helpful as it showed some of the specifics for that model. I only need the ladder to access my roof-mounted recovery boards so having this ladder on the driver's side was the perfect place for me.

Looks awesome Eric. We're stoked you love it and that's awesome your Revel is so equipped!



What vans does Voodoo work with?

Currently the Voodoo Ladder only fits 2007+ Sprinter high roof 144,170,170 Ext

How does it install?

The ladder attaches to mostly factory holes. There are three factory holes that need drilled out and rivnuts inserted. You’ll also need to drill two holes to secure the floor bracket.

What is the weight capacity of the ladder?

We recommend no one over 225lbs attempt to climb the ladder

Will it work with my bed?

The Sprinter van has a 3 inch door flange the Voodoo Ladder uses to mount. If your bed comes into that space the ladder will not work. Email if you have questions.

Does it work with vans that have half or full factory plastic on the rear doors?

Yes! There is plenty of room between the plastic panels and the ladder.

Does it work with Storytellers or Revels?

We don't know yet. If have either of these rigs and are interested in helping us test we'll happy to give you one. 


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