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Revel Flareboxes 10 Inch (Pair)

Need more space under your bed and also need more storage? We got you covered with our 10-inch Flareboxes. Our Flareboxes have two locking flip-down doors that allow you to access a ton of storage inside the flare. They are capped off with a beautiful piece of bamboo.


- Flareboxes

- Wood Top

- Hardware Kit



Requires: no other product to function

** Does NOT work with S&B 35 gallon replacement tank**

- Space saving design to maximize interior volume
- Allows for bikes under bed
- Adds tons storage
- Easy install
- Lightweight aluminum
- Come in pairs
- Bamboo tops
- Locking latches for security
- Made in the USA
Laminate BambooReal Bamboo

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Everything in a van should have multiple functions and be as versatile and modular as possible. We design our products with these core principles in mind.


We take the safety of our gear and passengers very seriously. When designing our Revel product line, we knew it had to tie into the factory anchor points with heavy-duty lag bolts and nuts.


The thing lacking the most in the Revel is storage. Our system adds a ton of interior storage. We've designed multiple types of storage; from open storage, you can easily access to drawer storage to keep things out of site.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
William Sheahan (Head of Westport, US)
10” Flare box

I replaced my homemade risers with these and the added space was needed, look great and the powder coating looks good. Also since I use a 2” one piece topper on my mattress I plan to not use the bolsters moving forward. The assembly was more than I expected but simple once I watched the video. I used the latch keys as spacers under the doors for alignment.

Perfect addition to "Big Sexy" is finally installed

This was one of the easiest upgrades I have done to our Revel since we bought it. Corey's video made the whole install process straightforward. I watched the video over a morning coffee and then went out and installed it. Honestly, if I had done that little ritual 2 months ago when I bought the gear wall, I would have been posting my review much sooner.

I now have so many options regarding what I store and where I store it. I also love the waterbox with little lock. It will deter the lazy thief, and that is enough for me.

There is a bonus in my book because everything we removed for the install, floor rings and wall nets, can be easily reused. We put the rings on the newly installed walls and the nets in the flare for storage when the bed is down. Nothing wasted!

Jon Haase (Westlake, US)
Great use of space

Completed my rigwell system for the right side, the stuff box is the perfect use of space and ties everything together. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase

Jon Haase (Westlake, US)
Gear wall & water box. Better than expected

I really wanted the gear wall, but the water box is the perfect fit, size, and storage, and makes a great seat when getting dressed. Install was straightforward, I’d suggest leaving everything loose till you get the fit and placement correct. Another very high quality product from Cory and Rigwell

Alan Grobmeier (Las Vegas, US)
Awesome Product

Great product. I used it to put most of my smaller tools & other items. It’s great storage. 10/10 rating!


What year Revel does the Rigwell products work in?

2021+ Revels Only. Will not fit past models

Can I buy each part separately?

You sure can! We've designed our system to be modular so you can mix and match the parts you'd like. 

How do the Gearwall and Waterbox mount?

We use the factory tie-down points but have engineered brackets that securely mount all the components. 

Does Rigwell do installs?

We sure do. Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we can get your sorted. 

What is the delivery timeframe for pre-orders?

All products will be delivered in December. We will keep all customers up to date on how our first production runs are going. 

How does pre-order payment work?

Simply add all products you'd like to your cart and checkout. Once your products are ready we will reach out to collect the balance before shipping.


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Rigwell products are designed and manufactured  in the USA. We believe American manufacturing creates jobs, reduces carbon footprint, supports fair and safe working conditions, and creates the highest-quality products.


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