The Ultimate Flarespace Bundle INSTALLED! (for MB 144


The Flarespace Ultimate Bundle is your one-stop shop for DIY Sprinter van conversion kits!

The Flarespace Ultimate Bundle includes:

  • Flares for the driver side and passenger side
  • Trim Rings for driver side and passenger side
  • Super Flyweight Anti-Gravity Bed Panel System (or Wood Panel Bed System)
  • Hinged Mattress
  • Custom Bedding (custom fit mattress pad, custom-fitted sheet & flat sheet, comforter, 2 pillows, 2 pillowcases)
  • Interior Finish Kit

Flares open up space in your van - see the chart here!

The Flarespace Half Slider window now includes a window shade and bug screen.

Window Comparison: How does the Flarespace slider window compare to the CRL slider window? We get this question a lot lately, so we've created a handy chart comparing the features of both. View the comparison chart. 

Trim Rings
Trim rings provide the window sill around the inside of the flare and fill the space between the inside wall of the van and the inside wall of the flares. The trim rings are a molded fiberglass part that are delivered to you with a dark grey gel coat finish and are shaped to fit the contour of the flare wall. Trim rings occasionally have an imperfect fit. There are factors that we are unable to control and design around that include the thickness of the fiberglass, the imperfections in your van, the thickness of the insulation you use, etc.

Trim rings are designed to simply attach to the backside of wall panels. Install as-is, paint or wrap in foam and your fabric of choice. They're also designed to sit flush with the bed system to create a flush surface from flare edge to flare edge. 

*Note: If you would like to upgrade to the high-tech trim rings, please make a note in your order or give us a call.

Bed System
You’ll think you’re in low gravity because of the weight of these new ultra-light bed panels that are Spaceman approved. They’re are durable, cleanable, and strong. They're shipped with the same strong structural steel and rails as our other bed systems. Leave the panels as they are or trim or cover with the material of your choice. This lightweight system answers the challenge of soaring shipping rates and is just as customizable as our other products. Cut the panels down to length to perfectly fit your van!

*Note: If you would like to upgrade to the original wood bed system, please select the wood bed system in your order.

Mattress & Bedding
Our 5” thick memory foam mattress has a zip-off organic cotton cover and is a soy-based product that meets all known state and federal guidelines. Custom-fit to your 144" Sprinter, the dimensions of the mattress are 60" wide by 79.5" at the longest bed length, and sit inside you regular or extended depth flare perfectly.

Bedding includes everything you need (mattress pad, 2 sheets, comforter, 2 pillows, 2 pillow cases) made with a comfortable and breathable material, slate gray color.

Interior Finish Kit
The Flarespace Interior Finish Kit is the perfect DIY solution to add the finishing touch to the interior of your unfinished flares. The kit includes: gray Marathon fabric, spray adhesive, 1/4" foam - enough material to finish both of your flares

Production Timeline
3-4 weeks for production, 1 week to ship.

The Ultimate Flarespace Bundle

We're taking the guesswork out of your van buildout.

  • Flares
  • Trim Rings
  • Bed System
  • Interior Finish Kit
  • Mattress
  • Sheets

Flares extend the width of your van, increasing usable space and opening up new design options. The size of a bed will be flexible in width and up to 80" long. A bed can be installed 30-36" off the floor. With a bed turned sideways, you will gain enough usable floor space for a row of seating, extra gear, and whatever else you dream up. Sleep sideways. Make space. Watch video here

This accessory trims out your flares. We now have turnkey sets of one-piece, fiberglass trim rings for a quick and easy interior finish on all 144 Flares. Choose between original, space saving and high tech trim rings. No assembly required for a clean and seamless look with a dark grey gel coat finish. Greatly reduce time of the interior trim by using these pre-shaped trm pieces, that fit the contour of the flares and van. Designed to simply attach to the backside of wall panels. Install as is or paint or wrap in foam and your fabric of choice. Watch video here

Finally, a bed system that you know is compatible with your Flarespace flares and trim rings. Introducing the Flarespace / Benchmark Vehicles bed system!

Our new two-panel bed system is designed to sit flush with the bottom edge of our trim rings, creating a level surface from flare edge to flare edge (a great home for our custom contoured memory foam mattress)

Our bed system includes 2 x 30” black hex board finished bed platforms mounted on black powder coated aluminum frames, 2 powder coated aluminum bed rails, 14 gauge sheet metal for structural support, and all hardware including the drill bit!

This DIY solution is the perfect finishing touch for the interior of your unfinished flares. This kit includes grey mix Marathon fabric, adhesive spray, 1/4" foam and enough materials to finish both of your flares.

Our mattress will fit of the 144 regular and extended depth flares, just a little better with extended depth on driver’s side. This 5” thick memory foam mattress has a zip-off organic cotton cover and is a soy-based product that meets all known state and federal guidelines. We designed our mattress to fit the contours of the flares, the rear door pillars and the curvature of the backdoor. It is almost a full queen sized mattress at 60” wide and 79.5” at the longest bed length dimension.

We're pleased to offer the sheets and bedding to fit your custom Flarespace mattress. We searched to find comfortable and breathable material, everything you need at a reasonable price! The full set of sheets includes: custom fit mattress pad, custom fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, 2 pillows and pillow cases. These are currently available in slate gray to provide the most neutral color to match the interior of your Sprinter.

Ready for install?

Rigwell and Flarespace have teamed up to get your flares professionally installed. We know a lot of upfitters are focused on major, full build outs with long waits. At Rigwell we are focused on doing quality Flarespace installs everyday! Let us save you time and get you on the road and sleeping sideways.


Install Bundle FAQ

What does this mean for me?

If you are local to the Denver area, it means you can order your flares and get them installed without a long wait from other upfitters. Win:Win!

What condition should my van be in?

We'll install flares on only untouched, cargo vans. Sorry, no half-builds or windowed passenger vans unless glass is removed before install. 

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