RIGWRAP™ Topo Series - Clear Background / White Topo

At Rigwell, we love vans. But! We've gotten a little tired of our vans looking the same as everyone else's - a fleet of monochrome rigs with Black Rhino wheels and BFG K02's. Am-I-right? We looked into fully wrapping our van, but found that that starts at $4k+, not including custom artwork, and decided there had to be a better way to add style and protection. Now, there is. Introducing the RIGWRAP™, a purpose-built DIY decal kit to put that final touch on your rig.


The RIGWRAP™ TOPO Series is a great way to add some style to your rig. Our team designed the topo lines to have the perfect balance of bold lines and negative space. We might be biased but, it's our favorite design by far! 

Anywhere in the contiguous US

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Customer Reviews

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Kyle Via
10/10 A Must Have

Great customer care, and an amazing product. Adds an entire new look to the van! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for the next upgrade for their vehicle.

Jeff McLoughlin
Great look & Easy install

This is a fun upgrade with a great “adventure van” look. The decals go on easily with the provided tool and soapy water in a spray bottle. The most time consuming part of the job is the prep which is really essential as it’s kind of amazing how much bumpy stuff there was on the paint. All of that road grime would have ruined the effect if I had not clay-barred it off prior to the decal application. Fairly subtle visually on my ice blue Sprinter but I really like the appearance on the rocker panels. Now I’m going to have to do the hood to get the full effect!

Rob Lippe
Great product, terrific fit, AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!

First of all - end product looks brilliant. Just back from a 1200-mile MTB trip around NC, TN and GA - plenty of gravel roads and rigwrap performed as hoped. Did I mention - looks killer?!

Had a bit of a question on install. Sent a inquiry via website on the 4th of July expecting to hear back in a few days. Cory got back to us within a couple hours (!) with the info we needed!

All in awesome experience, awesome result - recommend for sure. Our van Sherman (the tank) has never looked better!

Ian Roberts
Promaster ?

Do you do Promasters

Took Sherman to 11 - huge fan

Hi there

I never write reviews... (me lazy) - but I have to step up for this product, and for the customer service I've experienced with Rigwell - WOW. Initially thought a little pricey for "stickers" - but I was wrong. These are true wraps - very protective and absolutely gorgeous. The material is super high quality and the fit is awesome. It's killer - kind of subtle yet takes the van to 11.

We put the topo lowers (black with clear background) on our beloved van Sherman (the tank). We followed the directions (printed and YouTube) and really prepped well. With a clear background - everything shows. Prep was key and paid off - pretty new van so wasn't too tough. The directions were spot on. We got out soap mixture right and went at it. Took our time - and kind of nailed it (stoked). The fit is impressive. Most notably around the more complex parts like the driver's side rear door where there are more curves near the license plate than you ever noticed. Well done.

I had a little issue with some gapping where there is an abrupt edge from the factory weather proofing. Sent a note to Rigwell expecting an answer in a few days (it was the 4th of July!). Got some help directly from Cory within and hour with follow-up and insights. Pretty cool.

Between the product, service and RESULT - we are blown away. If you see us in Sherman - say hi. Look for the killer Topo-wrapped lowers!

The RIGWRAP™ is designed to make your Sprinter van stand out from the crowd. Every design is crafted to perfection, striking that perfect balance between uniqueness and subtlety. With all of our available options, we guarantee you'll find something that fits your style. 


The RIGWRAP™ is designed to help protect some of the most vulnerable parts of your rig. The "Lowers" (the panels closest to the ground), the back doors, and your Flarespace Flares take lots of abuse from the road and trail. The RIGWRAP™ acts as a sacrificial layer on top of your factory paint. 

The "Lowers" include the bottom-most panels along the driver side, passenger side and back doors. 

The "Flares" include both the driver and passenger side Flarespace Flares. 


Every RIGWRAP™ we sell is precision-cut to fit the exact shape of your van. This means you get a perfect fit every time. We've refined our templates to leave you with a near-perfect 1/4 inch margin around each piece in the RIGWRAP™ kit. 


We use the highest quality 3M vinyl for our printing substrate. On top of that, every RIGWRAP™ has a second layer to ensure a long-lasting and durable product.


 RIGWRAPs™ are not bulletproof, but they will significantly reduce the number of rock chips and pin stripes your van gets from all those adventures. Learn more about the areas that need protection most on your van.


The RIGWRAP™ is designed with the DIYer in mind. If you have applied graphics before, installing the RIGWRAP™ should be no problem. Not interested in installing yourself? No problem, any local sign/wrap shop should be able to help you out for a minimal cost. 


When you're ready for a new look, you can remove your RIGWRAP™ by peeling it off the van. The vinyl adhesive leaves minimal leftover residue. 


We take pride in our designs. Our designs are all original, and most are hand-drawn. Have an idea for a design we should add? Send us an email at cory@rigwell.com, and we'll try to make it happen! 

Learn more about the install process CLICK HERE


Is the Rigwell logo on the kit?

We have removed the Rigwell logo from all of the kits for a more clean appearance. The RIGWRAP™ logo is still on the panels and is only 2.5in wide and less than .25in tall.

Will you make a custom RIGWRAP™ for me?

We only do custom RIGWRAPS™ for orders larger than 5 complete kits. The graphics creation process is very expensive and time consuming. If you have fleet needs please email cory@rigwell.com

Do you have a hood wrap to match?

YES! We now are offering a full hood wrap. Unlike our Lowers and Flares kits because of the complex shape of the hood we recommend having a professional install the hood kit. The hood comes as one large sheet and must be cut to fit the vans hood. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.  

How long does production take?

Each RIGWRAP™ kit is made one-off. It usually takes about 3-5 days to make a complete kit. 

Do you have a RIGWRAP™ to fit my van?

We are working hard to grow our templates for other vans. If you have a van you don't see listed and would like a RIGWRAP™ we'd be happy to offer you a steep discount in exchange for letting us use your van to create a template. Email all inquiries to cory@rigwell.com

How long does it take to install?

The time it takes to install greatly depends on your experience installing graphics. A professional doing a dry install can take as little as 1 hours. If you're a DIY first timer I would give yourself an afternoon to get the RIGWRAP™ complete kit installed. Remember, you can always come back once those specky edges have dried and lock everything down.  

What is the difference between a vinyl decal and a RIGWRAP™?

Most traditional vinyl decals are cut from cheaper vinyl film. Once the design is cut you then remove the cut vinyl to expose the design. This means you won't have as much coverage on the van. The RIGWRAP™ is printed onto high quality 3M vinyl and then has a second layer applied on top of the graphic for even more protection. 

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